How to Choose an Online Casino: 8 Top Tips for Beginners


Important factors defining the best online casino are whether a site is legit, has the right licenses, treats players fairly, has a good game choice, generous promotional offers, professional customer support and ultimately pays reliably and in a timely fashion. 

But unfortunately, all online casinos on the internet cannot be called best, safe, first-class or recommended! Amongst them are many "dirty ones" which are worth staying away. But how do you know that the next site you are going to visit isn't a waste of time? This is what we will talk about!

#1: Check the Status of an Online Casino Gambling License


Let's start with the simplest. You just visited a new online casino that you haven't previously played at. This is a fresh, shimmering, elegant site, to the brim filled with the latest casino games from the best software providers. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that the operator's activities are legal. The first thing that you need to do is to pay attention to their site footer! Why? Because this is the place where information about their gambling license is.


What Is a Gambling License?


An online gambling license is an indicator of transparency in business operations and the security of the gaming software offered to customers. A gambling license allows a business to run legally and guarantees a casino operator’s commitment to the fair gaming policy.


In the world of online gambling, the unlicensed activity is prohibited by law, but unfortunately, fraudsters still manage to work without a license!


The availability of a gambling license from authoritative gambling commissions is a sure sign of its legality. 


In addition to the above, the licensed online casino guarantees that it does not resort to money laundering schemes is safe and operates in accordance with the law! 

How to Validate a Gambling License?

Slotsmillion Casino Footer To Validate gambling licence

Visit an online casino, go to the bottom of their website and click on the validation link or the jurisdiction icon that issued the license. If the links are active, then after clicking you will be forwarded to the website of gambling authority.


Accessing the website of gambling authority will give you an opportunity to see all information including license status, number, expiration date and additional data.

Also, you can visit a website of a gambling authority directly and look for the name of an online casino in the list of license holders.


In case you found the licence number but the license information isn't available on the online casino website, do not hesitate to open the Live Chat and ask questions to their site support!


If their purpose is to take care of customers then the customer service should behave accordingly. Remember: any trustworthy online casino should be completely at your service! The support of top online casinos does not remain indifferent to any problem, even if a problem is insignificant and you can find the necessary solution yourself.


The more carefully, you check their gambling license, the safer you will feel! If it's necessary you can request detailed information about the company and verify it with the license number.


The effectiveness of their casino site support is easy to verify by asking questions regarding any subject. If answers are exhaustive and the agents are really trying to help, then this is definitely a positive sign.

#2: Look for Online Casino Awards and Seals of Approval


Top online casinos in the world of online gambling receive awards, titles, certificates and seals of approval.


Certificates and seals of approval are issued in those cases when their site management wishes to prove the fairness and transparency of their work. If on the footer of an online casino website you find one or more seals or certificates, then this is definitely proof of its prestige.


The best example is eCOGRA (a London-based internationally approved testing agency). The agency was created specifically for the supervision of online casino websites to monitor their activities and the honest performance of all obligations towards the players.


New online casinos which try to build trust and care about their reputation strive to meet all the criteria for obtaining such certificate of approval by eCOGRA. 


Those sites that are awarded the seal of approval from eCOGRA can be called safe and trusted online casinos because they passed all the necessary checks and confirmed their financial integrity.


If an online casino has been certified by eCOGRA, then playing there you should expect games and service of the top quality! 

#3: Consider the Quality of an Online Casino Website


Visiting top online casino websites with a good reputation you will spot the difference that their sites are made in the spirit of modern trends, the company's brand and stylish top quality design.


The designers of such sites clearly work to beat the “3 seconds” rule! Here, visitors have always something interesting to watch and stay longer. The important fact is that top online casino websites always provide its visitors with comprehensive information about the company and all their products!


In this case, rogue casino site operators, as a rule, are in no hurry to spend money on quality design, software and security!


In addition to gambling licenses and approval seals you need to check:


  • the contact telephone number

  • the company's address

  • the use of 128 or 256-bit Encryption

  • the site traffic (you can use a free tool like, the more visitors, the higher the chance that the casino has a proven and good reputation)

  • the site updates (games, promotions, news, latest winners etc)


If you don't see any fresh updates then there is a high probability that you are dealing with fraudsters!

#4: Consider the Quality of a Mobile Casino


Top online casino operators understand the needs of mobile gaming customers paying great attention to the development of their mobile gambling sites.


Mobile casino version should be convenient and allow you to use most of the features that are available in the desktop version. In addition to the latest slots and live dealer games, the most important features must include the Live Chat and account verification via a mobile device.

#5: Study Carefully the Conditions of Online Casino Bonuses


Comparing the past with the present, experienced players will notice a tangible difference in terms of wagering requirements, which has dramatically grown from loyal 20x - 30x to difficult 40x - 50x. These significant changes are directly related to casino bonus abuse by Bonus hunters!


It is always important to study bonus rules in advance and draw attention to the following factors:


  • the terms of wagering 

  • the value of the wager


Remember: top online casino sites don't give out loud promises! Bonuses and promotions they offer can be somewhat understated, but the requirements for wagering are easier feasible!


Just to remind you a wagering requirement is one of the conditions that online casino sites add to their bonuses.


Here's an example:


If you have received a €10 bonus with 35x wagering requirement, you will need to stake a total of €350 for any of your winnings to be turned into real cash and transferred to your real cash balance. Completing wagering requirements will enable you to withdraw these winnings.​

Useful Tips Regarding Online Casino Bonuses


  • Before using online casino bonuses, read the complete list of rules carefully! If the information provided is insufficient, contact the casino site support line to find all the necessary information.


  • In certain conditions, a small bonus with low wagering requirements is better than an incredibly huge one! In essence, you will fulfil the conditions of wagering easier, eventually getting your winnings. This is much better than a large 300% bonus that in the end may leave you out of pocket.


  • Prepare a list of casino games that contribute 0% towards wagering requirements! In other words, all games that are excluded from wagering contributions. By doing this you will not have to return to the bonus terms and conditions page for checking each game again. 


  • In case you received free spins for slot machines (in addition to your first deposit bonus) we recommend using bonus money first, and the free spins only in case of loss.

  • If you are not satisfied with the wagering conditions, you may ask the site administration to cancel the bonus. This will provide an opportunity to play for your real money and will remove from the obligation of wagering requirements.

#6: Check Deposit and Withdrawal Options


One of the most important things for players is the choice of deposit and withdrawal methods or in other words - casino banking options.


Visiting an online casino website be sure to check how the deposit and withdrawal system is organized. You should find:

  • the currency they accept

  • the payment and withdrawal methods

  • the conditions and fees (if any)


Many of us have already noticed that best online casinos start to add cryptocurrency to their payment methods. If such an option is available then this is definitely a big PLUS.


Online casinos that accept cryptocurrency and fiat currency are called Hybrid online casinos. Having an account in such casino a player has the opportunity to receive payments directly without excessive trouble and increased confidentiality.


Moreover, top online casinos provide its customers with the Manual flushing feature or in other words the option to lock your withdrawal. This feature is a 100% guarantee that your winnings soon will be on your bank account!

#7: Make Sure an Online Casino Accepts Your Local Currency


And another important factor that you need to pay attention to is your preferred currency and geolocation. Remember: you need to choose an online casino that allows making deposits in your local currency! This will save you money on currency exchange fees.


As a rule, top online casinos that hold licenses from Malta or the UK gambling commission offer GBP (British pounds), EUR (Euros) or US Dollars as one of the currencies to choose from.

#8: Do Research on Online Casino Reviews


Studying online casino reviews and reading the feedback of players on popular gambling forums is the most important factor when choosing the best online casino site!


Often this is how you can learn a lot of interesting and useful about the particular site. But you need to keep in mind that any employee of a dodgy casino site can go to gambling forums and leave positive comments for themselves, and negative for competitors. Be careful with your choice!




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